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Providing Interim Massachusetts Treasurer and Collector / Accountant / Finance Director Services

Strategic Municipal Solutions


Strategic Municipal Services LLC provides interim Massachusetts Treasurer and Collector staffing for your cash and debt management, banking reconciliations, collection requirements, and tax lien process.


Strategic Municipal Services LLC provides interim Massachusetts Accountant staffing for your general ledger postings, chart of accounts maintenance, financial statement assistance, and state agency reporting.


Strategic Municipal Services LLC provides interim Massachusetts Finance Director staffing for your budget to actual reporting, appropriation and special revenue reviews, free cash calculations, and preparation of future fiscal year's budgets and plans.

Treasurer and Collector / Town Accountant / Finance Director Services

  • Experience and professionalism
  • Integrity and results

By hiring an inexperienced individual or delay hiring the right person for the job, your community could be negatively impacted by a lack of tax collections, bank, and general ledger reconciliations, and state-required reporting. This most likely will affect the Free Cash Certification and Department of Revenue scrutiny. So why wait?

Strategic Municipal Services LLC is a well-established consulting firm with a reputation for getting the job done. Our consultants are seasoned experts in municipal finance and offer temporary services for your municipality. What separates us from the rest is our experience and commitment to staying current with the ever-changing Massachusetts General Laws and regulations.

Strategic Municipal Solutions

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